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Corrie D Marketing Digital Marketing Tortoise and Hare Race

As Mad As The March Hare – March Offers ONLY At Corrie D Marketing

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Ensure you win the race and beat the competition with Corrie D Marketing’s “Mad As A March Hare” Special Offers.

Have you ever read the story of the Tortoise and the Hare?

To summarise – The hare is very confident of winning, so it stops during the race and falls asleep. The tortoise however continues to move very slowly but without stopping and finally it wins the race. The moral lesson of the story is that you can be more successful by doing things slowly and steadily than by acting quickly and carelessly. (Source: Wikipedia)

Anyone who knows us? Will already be aware that here at Team CDM we’re as mad as a March Hare.

So just to make sure we don’t disappoint YOU we’d like to offer you some AMAZING SPECIAL OFFERS for March 2019 to ensure you beat the competition AND WIN the race!

Special OFFER – BOGOF on ad creatives. Buy one set of ads (mobiles & tablets) get one free (TV’s, Computers, Laptops).

Online advertising offers highly targeted ad campaigns so no wasted ad budget. ONLY targets your ads at your EXACT Target Audience.

You need a way to remain “top of mind” when people are in the market and ready to buy.

You need TOF (Top Of Funnel) new eyeballs and brand awareness, you need to let people (your target audience) whether that’s B2C or B2B data that you exist, what you do, how you can help them, your value proposition..

Once you’ve targeted these fresh new eyeballs and made them an offer they can’t refuse, the aim is they click on your ad to your landing page over on your website. These people are interested but we always recommend you retarget ALL of your website visitors it does not matter where they came from. Press, TV, Radio, Google, Facebook, Online Ads, Search Ads.. ANYWHERE!

Someone who has visited your website is a warmer lead than someone who has never heard of you.

Which is another reason why we offer Retargeting (remarketing) of your online ad campaigns.

Facebook RT (ReTargeting), Google Display, Google AdWords. RTB (Real Time Bidding).

Incidentally according to Forbes 90% of customers report that product videos help them make purchasing decisions. (Source: Forbes 3rd February 2017) read more here.

50% OFF Facebook Cover Image Video + MP4 file. T&Cs Apply.

BOOK NOW Contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or visit



A Christmas Gift To Business Owners

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Not One, BUT TWO Amazing 50% OFF Offers!

Christmas OFFER 1 –
50% OFF ONLINE ADS – Inc RTB Programmatic Digital Display, RTB Mobile Geolocation (Geo-Fencing), YouTube Video Ads, Search+Social ALSO Inc Animated Banner Ad Creatives!
For ad campaigns to launch in Jan 2019 🙂
Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas


Offer ends 17th December 2018.
CDM Animated Banner Ad Gif

CDM Mobile Geolocation (Geo-Fencing) Ad Campaigns

Christmas OFFER 2 – 

Fed up with your current website? Is it tired, old-fashioned & outdated? Do visitors to your site need to pinch and scroll to view your website – REALLY? Does your website generate traffic?

 50% OFF OFFER To Convert Your Current Old & Outdated Website To A Modern State-Of-The-Art CMS WordPress Website INC FREE Blog (All Images, Logos, Copy supplied) WAS £3000+vat NOW ONLY From £1,500+vat. (T&C’s Apply – Ecommerce stores not eligible. TBC – We will clarify the offer when we have seen your website to ensure compatibility, Timescales etc).

Four Years IN A Row

BOOK NOW Contact Corrie-Dee Whaite On Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758.

Corrie D Marketing Email Marketing The Money Is In THE List

Email Marketing Tip Of The Week

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Digital Marketing Tip Of The Week

#Digital #Marketing

Ever heard of the saying – “The money is in the list?”

Never underestimate THE POWER of email marketing to your list. (It’s always easier to sell to someone who is a previous customer/enquiry than a new one).

If you’re looking for help with template designs and executing GDPR compliant email campaigns? We offer a fully managed service. Please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 TODAY to discuss your requirments. FREE First Hour Consultation.

Visit our Facebook to be kept up to date with our Summer offers and promotions click the following link –

Corrie D Marketing

Winter Warmer 2019 Special OFFER 50% OFF A NEW Responsive, User Friendly CMS, WordPress Website

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50% OFF WordPress Website

To Convert Your Current Old Out-Dated Website Into A State-Of-The-Art WordPress Website. Features, CMS (Content Management System), Truly Responsive Website Inc FREE Blog. Offer ends 31st Jan 2019

If your phone’s not ringin? Your website’s mingin!

The chances are you need a new updated website, we are surprised to say,  that even now, we’re still seeing websites that aren’t mobile responsive!

So if you’ve noticed a steady decline in enquiries over the years, the chances are you could be losing rankings for your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and how high your website ranks in search engines. Your website is probably out of date as Google changes their algorithms often your digital marketing agency or web developer must also ensure that your website is also kept up to date and your website needs to keep abreast of the changes.

Simple things that can affect your website rankings ie your website not being responsive (if you have to pinch and scroll the screen on your smartphone for anyone to read the text on your website means it’s not responsive). You can check your website here:

Phone Not Ringin? Your Website’s Mingin!

Google rank websites higher in their search engine results, websites that are mobile responsive and have done for a number of years, this means that if your competitor’s websites have been kept up to date, are responsive and yours isn’t? Your competitor’s website will appear higher up the rankings than yours. Therefore affecting your enquiries.

Corrie D Marketing are running their Winter Warmer 2019 OFFER – 50% OFF To Convert Your Current Website To A CMS (Content Management System) Website which means you can easily update this yourself with new images, products, services, testimonials and you could be blogging too!

If however, you are time shy?

And don’t have the time to allocate to this and do this yourself, Corrie D Marketing can update all of this for you, and ensure your live website is kept up to date for many years to come,  for a small monthly maintenance and management fee which includes hosting your website.

So what next?

Now you’ve got your new fancy website, you will need to market IT! Corrie D Marketing is a multi-award winning online digital marketing agency Award Winners 4 Consecutive Years In A Row with another award just won for Best Online Digital Marketing Firm 2018 – Scotland  with a plethora of online digital marketing services that can be tailored to create unique, bespoke online marketing solutions, tailored to suit your business overall goals and objectives.

To discuss the issues you’re facing with your current website and to grab YOUR 50% OFF Winter Warmer OFFER please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or contact us here.

Corrie D Marketing



GDPR We Are Ready! Are YOU?

Changes to data protection law are coming into effect on 25th May 2018.

Be Ready for GDPR NEW EU Regulations!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock recently?

You’ve most probably heard about GDPR compliancy or received some information.

There are a lot of scare stories and conflicting information out there!

And recommend you only take advice from reliable sources.

What is the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The GDPR is the European Union’s new, comprehensive privacy and data protection law that will take effect on May 25, 2018.

The primary aim of the GDPR is to regulate how the personal data of EU residents is processed – even by businesses that have no physical or legal presence in the EU.

Organizations can face hefty fines for non-compliance: up to €20 million or 4 percent of annual global revenue, whichever is higher.

But you do need to start thinking about this (if you haven’t already) and becoming GDPR compliant by 25th May 2018 or ASAP?

And avoid any fines up to 4% of annual turnover or 20m euros whichever is the highest.

Corrie D Marketing are pleased to announce we are GDPR Ready and will be fully compliant by 25th May 2018 deadline.

And advise you do the same.

5 Tips To GDPR Success!

We can help YOU to get your business ready for these NEW EU data laws.

Watch Video Here:

Kick start your GDPR journey by investing in our “GDPR Readiness Risk Assesment and Action Plan.”

Corrie D Marketing are happy to help businesses who are serious and take a sensible approach to this.

Guide To GDPR

The best place to visit for GDPR advice is the ICO website for further guidance here

However if you are like many of our clients and are a busy business owner? Then we highly recommend you could commission us to create your Risk Assesment and Action Plan with you – WE CAN help on a DIY or DFY (Done For You) basis.

GDPR Time Is Running Out

GDPR Time Is Running Out

Get GDPR Ready!

Corrie D Marketing clients require a bespoke and customised solution towards being GDPR compliant for their online digital marketing, there is no one size fits all!

Various clients use different methods of online digital marketing from Online Digital Display RTB programmatic ads and re-targeting to location-based RTB ad platforms and Facebook Custom Audiences.

This requires a bespoke solution to ensure each is compliant.

If we can be of any further assistance please let us know.

We are happy to help to work with any of our clients old and new on a consultation basis.

To work with you alongside your business and help you to assess your readiness.

With a GDPR Risk Assessment and follow up Action Plan by multi-award-winning marketing agency Corrie D Marketing.

This can be executed on a DIY basis or we can take care of this for you on a hassle-free DFY (Done For You) basis.

Here’s an example of a few of GDPR Compliance services

– Email Preference Centre

–  Compliant Privacy Policy

– Compliant Cookie Policy.

– Cookie Preference Centre

– Compliant email/list

– Compliant website

– Compliant hosting

– Compliant contact forms

– To Re-Engage your mailing list. (If it’s not consent, or legitimate interests) you can use the soft in but would need to prove they had opted in previous to May 25th 2018. After GDPR you need to prove explicit consent with granularity.

This is only available on a first come, first served basis so please let us know if we can be of any further assistance contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or contact us here. We’d be happy to help you on your GDPR adventure today! 🙂

*Disclaimer Notice: We are not a lawyer, we can only speculate on advice, however as part of our GDPR framework we can help you work towards being GDPR ready and compliant and can advise you of where to purchase a legal template pack.



Corrie D Marketing Lead Generation System

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Ever wondered what “lead generation” means?

It is a process of generating enquiries from people who are interested in your product or service.

Check out this cool promotional video Created by Corrie D Marketing for their unique CDM lead generation system their unique system solves a major issue every website owner will be very familiar with.

As many business owners know it can be quite frustrating when it comes to analyzing your web traffic and Google Analytics especially if spending money on advertising. Google Analytics allows website owners to view their traffic, analyse demographics, time spent on your site, where they came from, what areas they are in, what devices and or browser etc.

There you will see the demographics (age, sex, location) and interests of your website visitors) and it will tell you the traffic on your site (how many visitors)

Which is all great – But these visitors are anonymous, you have no idea who they are or how you can help them.

Those website visitors visited your website for a reason!

Most probably because they know you can resolve an issue or problem they are facing, but unless they make an enquiry via your contact form or email or pick up the phone you have no clue who these web visitors are.

Incidentally if you are not analyzing your web traffic we highly recommend you should be, and recommend using the free tool Google Analytics.

The way we use lead generation is to grab a name, mobile and email address of a prospective customer/website visitor.

This service is aimed at aggressive advertisers who are advertising online, sending targeted traffic to their website.

CDM Lead Generation System - Unique two step marketing funnel. Video+AI chat assistant

CDM lead generation system

Ideal Windows and Conservatories, commission the services of Corrie D Marketing to help them promote the fact they are Edinburgh and Lothians largest indoor conservatory showroom.

And have recently been appointed introductory representatives to Ideal4Finance!

A finance company who specialise in offering finance to the retail sector. The client runs ad campaigns all year round and has done for a few years now, but wanted to launch another pre-Christmas advertising campaign to promote they can now offer finance through Ideal4Finance.

As we all know, finance is quite a serious matter and no-one especially in the UK (assuming this is due to our British nature) are loathed at the best of times to engage in conversation they appear to prefer not todiscuss their finances ever asked your work colleague what their annual salary is  or asked about their finances…

Ideal Windows and Conservatories wanted to broach this sensitive subject in a friendly and approachable manner and lighten what is usually quite a serious subject. They also want to portray they’re a fun place to go and be. The Star Wars themed promotional video hopefully achieves that.

They also wanted to target both males and females with this promotion, so Corrie D Marketing created an online digital marketing strategy to promote this in the run up to Christmas 2017, traditionally a busy time for most home improvements.

Ideal wanted to give their customers the opportunity to benefit today from their home improvement, but spread the costs by offering their clients to apply for finance via Ideal4Finance for their flexible payment plans.

They commissioned a bespoke landing page which is currently under development, this will include the CDM unique Lead Generation Funnel which is a combination of Video (to engage) + Live Chat Assistant (to interact) a very powerful formula when combined with aggressive advertising campaigns.



To find out more visit our website here




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  1. Open-source (which means there are people developing programmes/themes/plugins for WordPress websites from all over the world) which helps to keep your overall costs down.
  2. No-one can hold you over a barrel when it comes to costs.
  3. It future proofs your business.
  4. User-friendly CMS (Content Management Systems) means you can update information on your website easily yourself.
  5. WordPress CMS powers approximately quarter 26.4% of the world’s CMS websites and is the most popular CMS system for its ease of use.  (*Source, 28th April 2016). Read more here


    Why choose wordpress websites

    Why choose wordpress websites

    WordPress website benefits

  6. FREE WordPress Blog comes as standard, when you book a Corrie D Marketing WordPress website.
  7. Can grow as your business grows. Can be easily upscaled as a WordPress website is made up of plug-ins. If you think you may want to scale up your business and sell via your website as a later phase let Corrie D Marketing know this at the outset as this can be scaled up.
  8. Database is being built on the back end of their WordPress contact forms capturing enquiries information and building your list! Have you ever heard of the saying “the money is in the list?”
  9. Responsive WordPress themes look great on all devices inc mobiles, laptops and desktop.
  10. Our developers have been designing and developing WordPress websites for 15 years so they know a thing or two about WordPress and their inventory of plug-ins. Including SEO plugins and SEO.

If you would like to know more about WordPress websites? For more information please visit the websites section on our website here

To arrange a FREE telephone conversation Contact US section of our website or contact Multi-Award Winning Online Digital Marketing agency Corrie D Marketing. Call Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 their first hour’s telephone consultation is FREE! RRP £150+vat per hour.

Corrie D Marketing Guilty Of Loving Digital Marketing

Corrie D Marketing Celebrate Award Wins With NEW Website

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Corrie D Marketing Celebrate Another Recent Award Win In 2017 & Launch A NEW WordPress CMS Website! 

Team CDM (Corrie D Marketing) are extremely pleased to announce the launch of their stunning new WordPress CMS (Content Management System) website.

The CDM team have been so busy since launching the business 6 years ago that their own website required attention, but they were so busy servicing their ever-growing list of clients their own website was the very last website to receive the CDM website transformation.

If you’ve arrived here Team CDM would like to thank you for reading their blog and thank all of their regular clients with a VERY SPECIAL OFFER as a special thank you to each of those businesses, as without them they simply wouldn’t exist or still be in business today.

They hope to keep this as informative as possible, we’d love to hear your feedback? So please feel free to comment below.

Forever grateful to the CDM Team, who have been working tirelessly since launch, being kept busy with their ever-expanding list of clients. Also on-going training to ensure we stay ahead of the game with the new GDPR EU Rules and Regulations to ensure compliance. They have been working tirelessly on new products, and on-going training to ensure we remain 7 steps ahead.

But the icing on the cake is the fact we now have our NEW WordPress CMS site and more importantly our NEW WordPress blog!

We love blogging for our clients and cannot wait to keep you up to date with our company news. PLUS we have some AMAZING SPECIAL OFFERS TO ANNOUNCE – TO LAUNCH OUR NEW & EXCITING WEBSITE we’ll be running some amazing special offers on some NEW products we’re about to launch.

Corrie D Marketing is celebrating having WON another award in 2017!

They recently won BEST Online Digital Marketing Agency and Award for Excellence in Social Media Marketing at the Scottish Enterprise Awards.

And want you to join our celebrations. They’ve been winning awards consecutively for three years in a row, which even by our high standards is no mean feat. This award wins include International and European business awards, they think this is due to their continual investments in pioneering digital marketing services.

They invest heavily in new tech that has been tried and tested abroad in other countries (so we know it works and we know which sectors these services work best in), but these investments help our discerning clientele reach their EXACT target audience wherever they may be.

Recently we added a few new advertising products to our portfolio of products ie

Mobile Geo-Location Based RTB (Real Time Bidding) Advertising

Mobile Geo-Location Ad Campaigns can target your customers ANYWHERE they work, play or rest. We can even target your competitor’s customers. These are ideal if you are eg a home improvement company with a showroom, people visiting your competitors’ locations these are a red-hot lead! They aren’t visiting showrooms on family for a day out.

CDM Unique Two-Step Lead Generation System

Our unique two-step lead generation funnel is aimed at website owners who are aggressively driving traffic to their website with online ad campaigns –  As any website owners know, especially one driving traffic to your website, that people visit your website because you can solve an issue or a problem. However people nowadays can get easily distracted the phone rings, they get an email, their Facebook pings, someone appears at the door etc. Hopefully, you get the picture being painted here?

So unless they actually fill in a contact form? Website owners have NO IDEA who visited their site. Google analytics will give you some demographic information but these web visitors are anonymous.

Our unique two-step lead generation funnel generates YOU leads from these website visitors. By now you may be asking yourself one question…

How do you convert your website visitors into leads ie Names, mobile numbers and email addresses?

Get more leads with Corrie D Marketing Lead Generation System

Get more leads with Corrie D Marketing Lead Generation System

Get more leads with Corrie D Marketing Lead Generation System


How does the CDM Lead Generation System Work?

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock lately? You should be well aware of the power of video marketing!

By using video to engage your website visitors, we know they visited your site for a reason, that you can solve a problem by utilising the services of a live web chat assistant to interact with your web visitors using our unique AI system this saves YOU BOTH TIME & MONEY.

As you probably already know having a customer service representative or a salesperson manning your chat box on your website can cost quite a bit of money.  Your website is open 24/7 so this would normally require quite an investment to have someone manning your website 24/7 but we have THE IDEAL SOLUTION with the CDM Lead Generation System you can avoid the expense of having someone manage the CHAT.

100% RISK-FREE OFFER AVAILABLE NOW to test this and see if it’s a good fit for your business!


The latest addition to their ever-growing portfolio of digital marketing services – This is an EXCLUSIVE and PREMIUM SERVICE which is ONLY available to business owners who are PREMIUM CDM VIP members.

Being fortunate enough to offer amazing unique services that work seamlessly in direct correlation with one another this PREMIUM service is only available to a select few CDM VIP clients.

Clients who were hand-picked and have already tested this service, have been left GOBSMACKED AT THE OUTSTANDING RESULTS THIS SERVICE GENERATES!

To find out if you qualify for this exciting and amazing new service? Please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758. T&C’s apply. Subject to availability. ONLY available to regular clients who purchase online digital marketing products on an annual contract agreement, to BE ELIGIBLE TO receive this VERY SPECIAL CDM VIP PREMIUM TREATMENT.  Full case studies, testimonials, stats and results are available on request ONLY to our VIP members.

Is your marketing stuck in the 80s

Is your marketing stuck in the 80s?