Mobile GeoLocation

Mobile GeoLocation

With Mobile GeoLocation Ads (Also known as GeoFencing) Corrie D Marketing can find your prospective customers ANYWHERE!

So ANYWHERE they work, play, buy, relax, shop or go on holiday. We can get you in front of them at their local doctors, opticians eye-clinic, lawyers office, bicycle repair shop or wherever they buy their coffee. We can even target your competitors’ customers. To find out more contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758

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Mobile GeoLocation

What we can do for you – Discover the power of geofencing, geolocation,  mobile advertising.  We can TARGET your prospective customers when they are in a physical location.

Read our case studies below. BOOK TODAY Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758.

We target locations where your buyers are

We track 2Bn people, using 260,000 apps, everywhere in the world. We know where they are, their age, gender and even buying intent.

We entice them to become your customers

We target your potential customers where they are, whether they are currently visiting a competitor, or a venue that would make them relevant for you. We entice them with relevant offers to call your business or leave their details.

We’re accountable

We’ll provide you with full tracking of impressions and clicks made to your business, so you can easily estimate the ROI on working with us.

Home Improvement Company

Edinburgh, Scotland


Increasing brand awareness, promoting offers, lead collection and walk ins to their showroom.


Using geolocation, geofencing targeting, we targeted same priced competitors’ locations within the vicinity, with an enticing offer.


Campaign Delivered:

Impressions: 20, 560

Clicks: 105

CTR: 0.51%

400% Spike In Traffic

Decking Supplier

Brief – Client was looking for brand awareness.

Targeting – Statics located at Caravan parks and high-end housing areas.

The clients had their busiest January on record.

Impressions: 90,000

Clicks: 641

CTR: 0.76% 

The client wanted brand awareness – They GOT IT!

Scotland, UK


Increasing brand , lead collection, web traffic and calls.


Targeted static caravan parks throughout West Coast of Scotland and high-end housing areas with mobile geolocation (geofencing) ads delivered to mobile websites and apps.


Campaign produced their busiest January ever, their phone never stopped ringing.

Personal Injury Lawyer Practice

Scotland, UK


Increasing awareness, lead collection and walkins.


Using geolocation (geofencing) targeting, we targeted mobile and tablets inc apps & mobile websites targeting locations ie A&E Depts, Hospitals and Medical Practices.


Campaign produced

Impressions: 20,570

Clicks: 90

CTR: 0.44%

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