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online ad campaign by Corrie D Marketing for NHS D&G Meet ED Campaign

NHS Dumfries & Galloway Meet ED Campaign

Project Summary

Corrie D Marketing Graphic Design For NHS Dumfries And Galloway Meet ED Campaign

Company Name: NHS Dumfries and Galloway

Service Provided:  Online  Digital Display Ad campaign via CDM (Corrie D Marketing) RTB (Real Time Bidding), DSP (Demand Side Platform).

“The sales information was ideal it covered everything we required to know. The campaign fulfilled our goals and objectives to target every resident in Dumfries and Galloway aged thirteen and upwards the importance of using the A&E department correctly when browsing any website on any device online.

There were no areas missed, the content was definitely targeted appropriately at the correct target audience.

The overall plans and objectives were to hit our A&E target set by the government whereby 95% of admissions to A&E were to be seen within four hours.  As we had an issue with people using the A&E Department incorrectly within the Dumfries and Galloway region. The campaign helped us to achieve our targets during the three months it ran.

The level of customer service is excellent the report at the end of the campaign was ideal it provided us with plenty of information and detail we cannot think how this service could be improved of in any way, and would definitely recommend the services of Corrie D Marketing to other businesses and departments of the NHS.”

Campaign Goals & Achievements:

NHS D&G A&E Targets hit in December 2014 we achieved 97.1% , January 2015 96.1% and February 2015 targets were achieved too. (D&G NHS were one of a few who successfully hit their targets for three consecutive months in a row).

 Ad Creatives & Landing Page Examples By Corrie D Marketing As Illustrated Below

Corrie D Marketing Graphic Design Services For NHS Dumfries And Galloway Meet ED Campaign Creatives & Landing Page Ad Creatives

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Meet ED Campaign Ads Creative by Corrie D Marketing

Landing Page

The Landing Page For Ad Campaign Designed & Developed By Corrie D Marketing

online ad campaign by Corrie D Marketing for NHS D&G Meet ED Campaign

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Meet ED Campaign

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