Stand out from your competition

A good brand and unique logo help you to STAND OUT from your competition!

With a unique logo custom designed by our award-winning graphic designers our graphic designers will come up with a logo concept ie a choice of 3-4 various styles they hope you will like. If you do like the concept and choose one of those designs we can then proceed to create a further three or four versions of that so as you will see it’s a work in progress and goes from concept to final edit.

Corrie D Marketing recommend creating a brand that is in keeping with your business offering.

You may well be amazed at how many well-established local businesses do not yet have a brand or unique logo.

A logo helps you to stand out from your competition because IT helps people to easily identify your brand across a range of visual media from shop front signage, to van livery to online and print ads.

People associate the brand and corporate colours and style using the same fonts, colours etc across all your brands from online to offline.

Here are a few recent examples –


Stairhill Architecture/Stairhill Air Tightness Testing and Stairhill Developments – Logo Concepts for their NEW 3 in 1 website

CDM Logo concept for Stairhill


Hoots Forever Home Logo

If you would like to view our logo and branding portfolio you can request these to be sent direct to your inbox where you can view all of our logos and branding.

The Roof Store Logo

The Roof Store Logo

You can view a small sample from our portfolio of branding, logo concepts and logos over on our testimonials page here

Branding & Logo

5 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Logo and Branding

  1. Your logo will help your business to be more memorable. Plus easily identifiable. This helps people ie your prospective customers to easily and instantly remember and recognize your brand (across all your marketing collateral) and on multiple channels ie Online eg Website, Social Media Networks, Online ad campaigns and Offline eg Print ads, TV ads, Flyers, Business cards etc
  2. Good design starts by using complementary brand colours, created using colours that are suited to one another. Corrie D Marketing understands colour therapy and use the branding colour wheel. These colours are not simply plucked out of mid-air they ideally should reflect your brand values, reflect your mission statement and company goals and ethos. To help set you apart, and stand out from your competition.
  3. A company logo helps to create a lasting impression and creates a professional image.
  4. If you don’t have a logo? You could be perceived by your customers to be a less professional company and your customers will want to remunerate you in this manner, to reflect this.
  5. The money invested in creating a good brand and logo will be paid back tenfold and more.

Corrie D Marketing Logo Design Concepts For Secret Garden

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