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February “Pancake Day” Weekly Offers End 29th Feb 2020

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FEBRUARY Offers For Business Owners

Are you a business owner? Looking to stand out from your competition online?

If so? Then use video as an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Video is where it is at when it comes to marketing your business online.

If you’re not doing this already. Why not? Is it the cost factor? If so we can help you to very cost-effectively use video to promote your business online.

Video offers very cost-effective online digital marketing collateral when you utilise our services

NOT all digital marketers are the same. We’re winners of multiple awards including European and International marketing awards.

50% OFF RRP £500+vat NOW ONLY £250+vat.

We offer businesses low entry-level costs to produce broadcast worthy videos with royalty-free video clips, images and you can purchase our voiceover guy whose voice you will instantly recognize from TV.

So what’s stopping you from using video to engage visitors to your business…?

What’s more when you commission us to create your video you only have to;

Pay For Video Once, But Use It Often!

One video has many uses. (As long as it doesn’t contain any time-sensitive information).

So when you commission us to create and produce this one video for you, you can use it for many years to come.

Digital Marketing Collateral Your Video Can Be Used On;

  • Video Cover For Facebook
  • Ad Campaign On Facebook. (Video ad campaign)
  • Facebook Instant Experience
  • Custom Audience and Facebook Lookalike audience video ad campaign over on Facebook
  • YouTube ad campaign
  • Retargeting campaign on YouTube, Google and Facebook.
  • Content for online digital marketing collateral ie website, blog, social media networks etc.
  • Use video to engage visitors! By engaging visitors with relevant content ie Happy Valentines Day – Valentines Special Offers or use to to promote a new product launch or new service.
  • Generate brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to your website, blog, social media networks ie Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/LinkedIn/YouTube/TikTok.
  • Promote your business using video to drive targeted traffic and qualified leads direct to your business.
Corrie DMarketing YouTube channel

Corrie D Marketing youtube channel

Video Marketing OFFERS VERY Cost-Effective Advertising ONLINE 

But hurry it won’t stay like this forever. We’re giving away our secret formula which helped one of our Home Improvement clients achieve 22,000 website visitors over a  period of ONLY 6 weeks.

Video is very cost effective when we create and manage your online video campaigns.

And guess what? Are you feeling lucky? We hope so 😉

Because love is in the air! With Valentines Day fast approaching!!!

Corrie D Marketing would like to take this opportunity to inform you about our amazing Valentines 2020 OFFER NOW ON!

As you probably already know, we love all of our clients, both old & new. Celebrate with us this Valentines.

With two AMAZING Special February Offer that can be used in conjunction with one another!

Yes you read that right.

OFFER 1 – 50% OFF Facebook Video Cover & Promotional Marketing Video (Max 1 min). Now ONLY £250+vat.

OFFER 2 – BOGOF (Buy One Get One FREE) Facebook page & Facebook ads management. Rate protected 3 mths £495+vat. Ad budget paid separately.

OFFER 3 – 50% OFF Google Search & Display Ads (Rate Protected For 3 Months). BOGOF online ad creatives – Pancake Day/Week Offer ONLY offer ends 29th Feb 2020.

But hurry! Offer ends 15th Feb 2020. Book now tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 CONTACT US NOW click here.

You can view our videos over on our YouTube channel CLICK HERE 


Corrie D Marketing Lead Generation System

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Ever wondered what “lead generation” means?

It is a process of generating enquiries from people who are interested in your product or service.

Check out this cool promotional video Created by Corrie D Marketing for their unique CDM lead generation system their unique system solves a major issue every website owner will be very familiar with.

As many business owners know it can be quite frustrating when it comes to analyzing your web traffic and Google Analytics especially if spending money on advertising. Google Analytics allows website owners to view their traffic, analyse demographics, time spent on your site, where they came from, what areas they are in, what devices and or browser etc.

There you will see the demographics (age, sex, location) and interests of your website visitors) and it will tell you the traffic on your site (how many visitors)

Which is all great – But these visitors are anonymous, you have no idea who they are or how you can help them.

Those website visitors visited your website for a reason!

Most probably because they know you can resolve an issue or problem they are facing, but unless they make an enquiry via your contact form or email or pick up the phone you have no clue who these web visitors are.

Incidentally if you are not analyzing your web traffic we highly recommend you should be, and recommend using the free tool Google Analytics.

The way we use lead generation is to grab a name, mobile and email address of a prospective customer/website visitor.

This service is aimed at aggressive advertisers who are advertising online, sending targeted traffic to their website.

CDM Lead Generation System - Unique two step marketing funnel. Video+AI chat assistant

CDM lead generation system

Ideal Windows and Conservatories, commission the services of Corrie D Marketing to help them promote the fact they are Edinburgh and Lothians largest indoor conservatory showroom.

And have recently been appointed introductory representatives to Ideal4Finance!

A finance company who specialise in offering finance to the retail sector. The client runs ad campaigns all year round and has done for a few years now, but wanted to launch another pre-Christmas advertising campaign to promote they can now offer finance through Ideal4Finance.

As we all know, finance is quite a serious matter and no-one especially in the UK (assuming this is due to our British nature) are loathed at the best of times to engage in conversation they appear to prefer not todiscuss their finances ever asked your work colleague what their annual salary is  or asked about their finances…

Ideal Windows and Conservatories wanted to broach this sensitive subject in a friendly and approachable manner and lighten what is usually quite a serious subject. They also want to portray they’re a fun place to go and be. The Star Wars themed promotional video hopefully achieves that.

They also wanted to target both males and females with this promotion, so Corrie D Marketing created an online digital marketing strategy to promote this in the run up to Christmas 2017, traditionally a busy time for most home improvements.

Ideal wanted to give their customers the opportunity to benefit today from their home improvement, but spread the costs by offering their clients to apply for finance via Ideal4Finance for their flexible payment plans.

They commissioned a bespoke landing page which is currently under development, this will include the CDM unique Lead Generation Funnel which is a combination of Video (to engage) + Live Chat Assistant (to interact) a very powerful formula when combined with aggressive advertising campaigns.



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