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WordPress Website CMS (Content Management System)

WordPress Websites

If you’ve never heard of a content management system website? And your thinking at this point that all websites are pretty much the same…?

You would be wrong! WordPress is one of the most preferred CMS (Content Management System)

CMS (meaning it can be updated) easily. So it’s the most popular choice for CMS for it’s ease of use. As all Corrie D Marketings wordpress websites, are user-friendly.

Because content can easily be updated yourself. If you can email or use word? With a little bit of help and some FREE training you will cope admirably. But if you would prefer someone else to take care of updating your site for you, this hassle free service is also available.

What Does Responsive Web Design Mean?

Visitors to your site must be able to read your website copy – Without having to pinch and scroll the screen.

In this day and age, it is imperative that your website is easy to use and fully responsive (meaning responds to the device you are viewing the website on). Whether on desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Due to the rise of mobile devices it is better that your website knows which device the visitor is using. Allowing the website to fit on the relevant screen ie smartphones and tablets. Hence why it’s known as responsive design.

But more importantly – Google optimises your website higher in search rankings.. So if you have a responsive site V your competitor who does not. Your website will appear higher in search results. It’s a no brainer!

Another great way for us to explain the benefits of a wordpress website

If you think of your website, as  a bit like a car;

You have the bodywork, the aesthetics and how it looks on the outside. Then you have the interior and the specific features on the inside (admin area/dashboard). But you also have under the bonnet – The engine and how it actually works, the functionality and how it performs.

Imagine your WordPress website in “car” terms, in our opinion, under the bonnet (the engine), wordpress is the Ferrari or supercar of the website world..

What type of website is WordPress Ideal For?

These can range from bespoke Content Management Systems (CMS) to E-commerce sites and therefore is ideal for ANY type of website. So whether you are looking for an information-based website or a WooCommerce eCommerce store.

Lets say for example that you know that in the future you want to become an eCommerce business selling good or services online.

If you inform us of this at the outset, we can build your site with a view that it can upgraded to woocommerce at a future date.

So that you can avoid the cost of having to commission a full new website later on.

Another benefit – If for example in a few years down the line, you have a rebrand with new colours, fonts etc.

That is fine too, we simply change out the logos, colours etc. Again saving you costs of a requiring a new website.

Did you know Corrie D Marketing also offer app development for iPhone and Android?

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Why Choose WordPress?

10 Reasons To Choose A WordPress Website

  1. Open-source (which means there are people developing programmes/themes/plugins for WordPress from all over the world) which helps to keep your overall costs down.
  2. Responsive design means that it will fit the screens of all modern browsers and devices.
  3. Future proofs your business.
  4. User-friendly CMS (Content Management Systems) meaning you can EASILY update your website yourself.
  5. WordPress CMS powers approx 40% of the world’s websites and is the most popular CMS system for its ease of use.Lead Gen
  6. FREE WordPress Blog comes as standard, when you book a Corrie D Marketing WordPress website.
  7. Will grow as your business grows. Because it can be easily upscaled, as a WordPress website is made up of plug-ins.
  8. Can become woocommmerce at a later date (as long as we know this at the outset) so it grows as your business grows.
  9. Plug ins can be added as/when required so helps to keep your costs down as your not re-inventing the wheel each time you want something bespoke, someone somewhere will have written a program for this already (because its open source) as a result, it keeps your costs down as we plug it in. Hence the name “plug in”.
  10. With over 100 years experience between them – Our developers know a thing or two about WordPress and their inventory of plug-ins.

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WordPress Hosting

Hosting Services

Specialist wordpress hosting services for wordpress websites are available and include our popular monthly maintenance packages. (Highly recommended).

When you have a website, it has to be hosted somewhere. Think of your website as being a house, your house has to be built somewhere ie on a piece of land.

Hosting is similar to the piece of land your house is built on. Corrie D Marketing can host your website to keep it live and running but for optimal performance,  we recommend hosting your new website over on our servers;

  1. Daily Backup of your website
  2. WordPress security updates
  3. WordPress technical updates
  4. Updating your website with new copy or images
  5. Creating new sections/pages or whatever
  6. T&Cs apply. To an SLA of min package is 1.5 hours per month

What happens if you your website and plug ins are not kept up to date?

Eventually your website will stop working as it should and could be left vulnerable. We have no idea timescales, as each plug in is different, but we recommend you keep your site up to date from the outset. Costs ONLY £150+vat per month per site.

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WordPress Website Examples

Here’s A Few WordPress Examples – Always Bespoke! WordPress websites are not all templates as some people seem to believe.

However, they can be for instance, but Corrie D Marketing prefers to create customised and bespoke websites, tailored to suit each clients individual needs.

Ideal Windows And Conservatories Website


Ideal wanted a visually stunning, state of the art, modern, responsive WordPress website to showcase their beautiful product range! Therefore we created this truly magnificent site.


Corrie D Marketing WordPress CMS Responsive Website


Stairhill Website


Stairhill is a 3 in 1 wordpress website, to incorporate the three sides of the business.

Their logo received a brand refresh, each side of the business received it’s own colour coded logo, with the website colour co-ordinated in each relevant colour to coincide with whichever section of the website you are visiting.

Click on each of the three sides of the business (as per below) to see this in action.

  1. Architectural Services
  2. Air Tightness Testing
  3. Developments

Stairhill new website by Corrie D Marketing

Ashgrove Home Improvements Website


This is a visually stunning website, comes with Page flip Ebrochures. Aimed at anyone wanting to peruse their many brochures from the comfort of their own armchair without having to leave the house. Ideal for anyone with mobility issues.

Their range includes disability access bathrooms, which is one of their many unique selling points. The client wanted that incoporated into the design of their site. So that anyone can peruse their brochures online, without having to visit in-store.

Brochures showcase their stunning range of kitchen, bedroom and bathroom designs and ranges. With prices to suit all budgets.

WordPress Website for Ashgrove Home Improvements by Corrie D Marketing

So if you’re a new business looking for a new website?

Or perhaps you’re an existing business, who is simply looking to update and renovate your current website?

If so, Corrie D Marketing recommend WordPress!

Don’t forget to ask about our offers TODAY. Because from time to time, we run spectacular offers to convert your website over to WordPress. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media networks and/or blog.

Above is just a small sample of our websites, to show you a a few examples and variations, of what can be done.

So if you want to know more about our Graphic Design services? Then click here

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