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Facebook Page Manager

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Are you a business owner with a Facebook business page?

Do you understand the importance of page roles?

Do you know the difference between Admin V Editor roles and their relevant permissions?

As a page owner, we always recommend your page role is “admin” as this is your property, it is your business, you own this.

The person who creates the page is automatically the “admin”.

And sometimes…Unfortunately, web developers, friends, family, well-meaning members of staff.

Who set this up for the business owner, but the business owner is not made an ADMIN but they are the business owner

but have been set up with a lower ranking page role with less permissions than ad admin has, such as an “editor”…

Which means you do not have as many privileges as an Admin and does not allow you to add or remove admins!

Only admins can assign ie add/remove page roles to your Facebook page.

Only an admin page role has the necessary privileges or access required to add or remove admins.

See table below

Corrie D Marketing Facebook Admin Roles

We always recommend any of our clients ie the business owner should always be the admin we recommend having a few on there,

not just one because if the ONLY person that is the admin has there page taken down or removed then no-one can gain access to the business page.

Plus as the admin you have the greatest control over your page as this is your business and your collateral.

See more on this table below ?

There are 6 different types of roles for people who manage Pages. When you create a Page, you automatically become the Page’s admin, which means you can change the Page the style and how it looks and you can publish as the business page.

Keep in mind that multiple people can have roles on a Page, but each person needs their own personal Facebook account.
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