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PPC Google Search, Display, RTB and/or Facebook Ads


Why Choose Online Advertising?

The general rule of thumb in marketing is to go where the people are. And the people are ONLINE.

Online Ads ONLY target your exact target audience when they are browsing online. They are much more cost effective than traditional media ad campaigns. We’re not saying you spend less budget but your budget is spent on your TARGET Audience!

EG Lets say you own a bathroom showroom, and y0u advertise in the national press ie Scottish Daily newspaper title.

Ask yourself – How many of those newspaper readers are homeowners? How many of those homeowners are actively in the market looking for a bathroom right now?

The reality probably not many.

Online ads deliver your ads can directly target anyone who is in the market right now looking to buy your EXACT products and services.

Online Advertising – Helping you hit your target, every time!


Corrie D Marketing highly recommends online advertising for any business owner who is looking to advertise or promote their business products or services.

So you might have a promotional offer coming up that you want to advertise? Or you may just want to get your brand name out there and simply looking for some brand awareness?

Whatever your needs and requirements, whether your sector targets B2B (Business to Business) or B2C (Business To Consumer) we can help!

But which online ad platform we recommend, would depend on your marketing goals and the objectives for the business, your budget and your target audiences.

CDM (Corrie D Marketing) offer a fully managed service for Google Search & Google Display. With both on PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ads.

So brand awareness is FREE and is a USP for Google campaigns if you’re not fussed about brand awareness.. As you pay on PPC not a CPM (Cost Per Thousand) impression basis.

One impression = One set of eyeballs.

Our first hour’s consultation is FREE so we’d carry out what we call a “need  find” to identify your business needs, goals and objectives during our initial meeting or telephone call.

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The Benefits of Online Advertising V Traditional Media 

Traditional advertising ie TV Press, Magazines expensive, and not well targeted when compared with ONLINE Advertising Campaigns.

With ONLINE AD campaigns, we ONLY target your exact target audience, so this helps your ad budget to stretch much further than with traditional press so you pay the same amount but it would only target your EXACT target audience when they are online, so it would last longer than eg a full page ad in the national press.

Online ads mean you can connect and engage with them when they are online. But more importantly, RETARGET your online ads at previous website visitors who have expressed an interest in a particular product or service, we do this in a GDPR compliant fashion.

We highly recommend Google Search + Google Display PPC or RTB (Real Time Bidding) Programmatic (All Ad Networks). 

Advertising on either or all of these combined with our CDM Unique Lead Generation System ensures that you’re only paying when someone clicks on your ad and website visitors are often giving you their details engaging with your brand online, and asking you to contact them giving you permission and their details, before you’ve even picked up the phone!

Excited yet? You should be…

We also recommend for most businesses to have a representation on social media networks and Facebook and YouTube are the two biggest social media networks and this is where it is AT!

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You no longer have an option of whether or not you should be including video in your digital marketing strategy it’s a neccessity.

Online Ads

11 Reasons To Advertise ONLINE

1. Google’s Display network is the biggest in the world. We offer both Google Search and/or Google Display PPC Online Ad Campaigns (ads appear on ANY device). Desktop, Laptops, Tablets & Mobiles.

2. RTB #RealTimeBidding Is even bigger than just using Google alone. Ads appear on ALL Networks ie Google, AOL, Yahoo, Bing, Yahoo etc. Ads also appear on ANY device ie Desktop, Laptop, Tablets, Mobiles (Smartphones) and can include Smart TVs.

3. Google ads work best when running both types of campaigns combined so Google Search And Google Display together, as opposed to running either/or.

4. Google ads – Reach 90% of all internet users across the internet worldwide. Google Search ads are lineage ads that appear on Google search engine when someone (who fits your target audience criteria) searches for the products and services you are advertising. These are red hot leads, they are in the market and ready to buy!

5. By using Google Ads platform alone – Your ads could potentially appear on more than two million different websites & more than 650,000 apps.(Source: SEM Rush 6th May 2019).

6. Your ads ONLY target your EXACT target audience, anywhere they are online.

7. We create award-winning online ad campaigns for our clients.

8. Testimonials + Case Studies available for most sectors.

9. B2B and B2C data/impressions available. It doesn’t matter what sector you are in or where you want to target ie Scotland, UK, Worldwide or smaller hyper local campaigns, can all be catered for.

10. Target your exact target audiences, when they are online inc keywords, topics/contextual, demographics & audiences.

11. We offer a fully managed service. We create, manage, optimise, make recommendations and end of campaign reports. Done For You. From concept to completion all artwork & creatives supplied by us, landing pages or new website can also be supplied (if required).

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Google Display V RTB Programmatic 

Why Choose RTB (Real-Time Bidding) Programmatic?

  Corrie D Marketing can run ads on RTB & DSP hybrid platforms or display ads can appear on ALL NETWORKS so not just Google but AOL, Yahoo, Microsoft, OpenX (Facebook Ad Exchange) and many more.

The CDM (Corrie D Marketing) Programmatic Platform offers SME business owners the chance to promote their business online to compete with the big brands at VERY cost-effective prices.

Marketing Tip Of The Week –

If you’re a business owner, that can afford it, if you’re running print/press ads in the national press ie Full Page or half page ads weekly and you’re not running RTB (Real Time Bidding)  Programmatic online ad campaigns?

Then you should be!


Because real-time bidding ads are online ads that are delivered to your EXACT target audience when they are browsing online, purchased at auction. ON ANY NETWORK and ON ANY DEVICE.

Real Time Bidding Online Ads Auction

Real Time Bidding Online Ads Auction

Ads are delivered to websites that deliver ads to only your exact target audience so wherever they are hanging out on in real-time, online.

Hence the name “real-time bidding” an online auction that takes place. The winning bid only pays 1p more than the next highest bidder. The viewer then clicks on the ad to a specific landing page on your website or we can create one for you.

Here’s an example of one of the ad creatives (animated banner) ad and Landing page for NHS Dumfries and Galloway so when anyone who lives or works in Dumfries and Galloway saw the ad as per example below –

NHS Meet ED Med Rectangle Animated Banner Ad

NHS Dumfries and Galloway Meet ED Campaign Ads Created by Corrie D Marketing

If the person who saw the ad (known as an impression being delivered), clicked on the ad they landed here:

Hence the name “Landing Page”

Every ad campaign must have a specific landing page eg on your website or we can create one for you!

A hassle free done for you, fully managed service, whereby we create the ad creatives, we offer a graphic design and copy writing service so can help you copywrite the ads.

Plus help you to write the copy for the landing page (if you don’t have one already?) Whatever level of help is required we work with our team of web developers or sometimes we can inherit yours.

To ensure no ad budget is wasted we can help you identify your EXACT Target audience creating customer personas for your business with your help. We then dial up the targeting and launch your campaign.

A fully managed service for either Google or RTB

Means we create, manage, run, and optimise your ads, make recommendations and run end of month reports to show you exactly where each ad impression was delivered. Also includes us setting up the remarketing (retargeting pixels).

As a target lead, results driven, boutique ad agency who can help transform your business from an offline business to an online business. Helping you take a combined multi-channel approach to your online ad campaigns so that ads can be graphically designed in the same style etc can also appear in the local or national press, magazines etc.

However with less people buying newspapers nowadays and more and more people consuming their news online we can get your ads on all the main titles on their online versions, but we’re not tied to any particular chain ie Associated Press (Daily Mail, Mail On Sunday) or Newsquest ie Herald and Evening Times or S1

So by advertising with us we can deliver YOUR ads ANYWHERE not just newspaper sites but any website (as long as it takes ads) and  the person fits your target audience!

You can view our online presentation or read more here:

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Using QR Codes In Your Advertising Campaigns

Ideally suited for PRINT, PRESS, SIGNAGE – In our expert opinion. Not enough business owners are using QR Codes and when we do see these being used they are not being used to their best advantage.

Print ie flyers, brochures, signage and press ads could embrace digital by using QR codes in their print marketing collateral.

A QR could be used for example if you’re a property developer with showhomes for sale, but your showhomes are only open between limited opening hours eg 9am – 5pm Thursday – Monday.

Corrie D Marketing QR Code

Corrie D Marketing QR Code

So you could use a QR code linking to a spefiic URL Landing page on your website with eg a virtual tour of your properties so anyone visiting when you are closed (who will be sadly disappointed) trust me, I’ve ben there before, a better idea would be if they can scan the QR Code and view your VT (Virtual Tour) of your properties.

If you own a holiday park, park retirement homes or lodges you could use QR Code on your print/press ads with a link to a virtual tour of your park homes or holiday park.

In advertising we always recommend “sell the sizzle, not the sausage!” It’s an old one, but we like it 🙂

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Sectors Who Use Corrie D Marketing Online Advertsing Services

Sectors Using Corrie D Marketing Services For Online Advertising Campaigns

  1. NHS
  2. Councils
  3. Construction (B2C)
  4. Home Improvements
  5. Construction (B2B)
  6. Education
  7. Motors
  8. Retail
  9. Health
  10. Sports
  11. Gyms
  12. Recruitment

We have testimonials, full case studies with stats proving these amazing results. If you’d like to know more jump on call with us TODAY contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or contact us here


Improve your business today

“Multi-platform, multi-media opportunities translate into multi-choices. Social media and the Internet, in general, have turned life into an interconnected open-book exam - a sharp and important difference from the closed-book-exam shape of traditional research. (via Warc).”

Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006