Social Covers

Social Covers Are Your Social Media Cover Images Or Can Be Video, Branded & Cusotmised For All Social Media Networks

Bespoke Social Covers 

Did you know each social media network gives up to 50% of the space for you to choose a cover image (social cover) which appears above the fold! FREE ..  This is prime display advertising space!

We see so many people getting this wrong even the so-called gurus.

So if each social network wants to give you this space – Use IT! 🙂 This  is your digital storefront within each social network.

You wouldn’t want people walking into a shoddy looking showroom. Same with your social media networks.

Each social media network – Facebook page, Twitter page, Linked In, Instagram etc Each of these networks offers you the chance to showcase your offers, products and services. We can help you by creating a social covers set for all of these one each month and it will update to your social media networks on auto-pilot.

Your Facebook cover image for example takes up approx 50% of the screen above the fold. This is prime display advertising space each network gives you FREE!

Constantly we see businesses including “Digital Marketing” gurus who are getting this wrong. Their brand is not consistent throughout each social network and some of these networks are missing a cover image completely.

Corrie D Marketing have just the solution for YOU!

1 x Cover Image per month that can be uploaded on autopilot to all of your social media networks (the ones we believe are the MOST important ones) ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Use each social media network as your digital store front.

Ideally each should appear the same or similar, and each network should definitely have one. The issue is that normally this would take time, you need to know the size for each network and eg Facebook cover image is a different size.

We also create video marketing covers for Facebook!

Improve your business today

“Multi-platform, multi-media opportunities translate into multi-choices. Social media and the Internet, in general, have turned life into an interconnected open-book exam - a sharp and important difference from the closed-book-exam shape of traditional research. (via Warc).”

Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006