Project Summary

NEW WordPress CMS Website for Ross-Toration Surveys Ltd

Corrie D Marketing converted their old and out-dated website, which wasn’t mobile responsive, into a stunning NEW WordPress CMS website. With professional email address and database on the back end of the site building a list via the contact forms.

Added CDM Lead Generation Funnel. Which is our unique two-step marketing funnel Video to engage web visitors +Live Chat Assistant to interact with web visitors.

View the CDM Lead Gen System here

Ross-Toration Damp SurveysWordPress CMS Website By Corrie D Marketing

Ross-Toration Surveys Ltd WordPress CMS Website

Services Provided:

  • Hosting.
  • Professional Emails.
  • Marketing the website, with an initial mobile geolocation ad campaign.

As once the client had their stunning new website they needed to market it. To promote the launch of the new website they ran a special offer.

Save up to 20% OFF a damp survey, valid for 30 days.  The client booked a mobile geo-location ad campaign to target estate agents locations in specific Glasgow locations to target anyone looking to buy/sell a house with damp issues, to receive this special offer.

Testimonial Company Name: Ross-Roration Damp Surveys Ltd

Here’s what the client had to say –

“The sales information was very good and informative. We are delighted to have our new website. The new website is excellent. It fulfils our overall business goals and objectives. The level of customer service is excellent. We would definitely recommend Corrie D Marketing to other businesses.”

Michael Ross, Ross-Toration Damp Surveys Ltd. October 2017

See the website here:

To find out more please contact Corrie-Dee Whaite on Tel 01294 559480 or Mob 07411 170758 or visit the “website design and development” section on the website or CONTACT US



Corrie D Marketing client Ross-Toration Damp Surveys was looking for help with their marketing as their previous web developer was no longer trading. They were looking for advice/assistance from a marketing consultancy as their website enquiries had dropped off the edge of a cliff.

During our initial meeting, it became apparent quite early on that the website was tired, out-dated and was no longer performing as it could, due to changes to Google’s algorithms.

Google made changes to their search algorithm back in April 2015 due to the high growth in mobile users, which meant websites that were truly mobile responsive would be ranked higher in Google rankings V competitors sites that were not mobile responsive.

Also, the client was using an unprofessional Gmail address as their main contact email, which we always recommend changing this to a professional email eg

We recently read a good article on this subject in the Yorkshire Post

The client Ross-Toration Damp Surveys followed our recommendations and converted their old and out-dated website to a modern new WordPress website. And now has a professional email. The new responsive website will help to future-proof the business and is easy for the client to update any new fresh information ie testimonials or products/services.

The client Ross-Toration was quite happy with the content on the old site so we simply copied and pasted all the information over. Keeping their existing logo, website copy, images etc and saving all that we could as the client had quite a tight budget. And we now host their site over on our servers. We had to purchase some new stock images as the old images were too small.

Corrie D Marketing also managed to source this client a grant to receive 50% funding from NAC (North Ayrshire Council) to help to contribute towards this new and modern, truly mobile responsive website.

To find out if you could be eligible for funding or if you’d like some advice on a new website contact us NOW!

Animated Gif created for Ross-Toration by Corrie D Marketing f

Animated Gif created for Ross-Toration by Corrie D Marketing for  Facebook

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