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Lapwings Ltd – Project Summary

Services Provided: NEW CMS WordPress Website. Hosting. Professional Emails. Branded and customised Facebook page. Facebook Marketing inc page management & Facebook advertising services. Design & Print of 1000 double-sided flyers, 1000 double-sided business cards. CDM Lead Generation System (video and live chat assistant).

Company Name:  Lapwings Ltd

Client Feedback: “The sales information provided was good. The NEW website, Facebook page and printed marketing collateral is excellent and has fulfilled our business goals & objectives. It’s targeted appropriately at our target market, which helps with our organisations’ overall plans & objectives for the business.

They offer excellent customer services we trust their recommendations and their skills in new technologies, services and abilities. We would definitely recommend their services to other businesses.”

John Moir, Director, Lapwings Ltd. October 2017

WordPress CMS Website By Corrie D Marketing for Lapwings Ltd

Lapwings Project Summary

Lapwings Project Summary –

Lapwings Ltd are a construction company who specialise in self-builds and renovations in the Highlands and Islands.

They came to us with a logo and the slogan “From Idea To Completion”

During our initial meetings, it was established early on, this client required a website ASAP as they had no online digital marketing collateral whatsoever apart from a business card with an @me email address.

Although trading successfully for 15 years all of their business was from word of mouth.

A new CMS website with WordPress blog would help them to create brand awareness and would be beneficial as a point of reference to show anyone who was interested in finding out more about their services, they could simply visit the website. A professional email address will help their business create a more professional image.

Plus it could generate brand awareness very cost-effectively via Facebook marketing. And create backlinks to their site and creating social signals and social shares helps with their organic SEO.

Lapwings Ltd Highland Self-Build & Renovation Specialists covering the Highlands of Scotland

Why Choose WordPress CMS (Content Management System) Website?

  • WordPress is an open source platform (which means there are developers writing programmes and building themes for WordPress) from all over the world.
  • Keeps your overall costs down.
  • Easy to scale up – Can grow as your business grows
  • Includes WordPress blog so great for blogging purposes.
  • Can future-proof your business.
  • Easy to use and is one of the reasons WordPress powers 40 percent of the worlds CMS (Content Management System) websites.
  • User-friendly and easy to update content.
  • Can be a customised and bespoke or a theme can be purchased tailored to suit your particular sector/industry.
  • All of CDM WordPress websites are bespoke and customised tailored to suit our discerning clientele.

Why Facebook?

The client didn’t want to be overwhelmed with too many social media networks so we recommend if choosing only one? Then choose Facebook as they were familiar with this network, plus it works well for this sector and geographic area and could be a very cost-effective way to reach their potential clients.

Lapwings customers

Lapwings customers

Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site and the general rule of thumb in marketing is to go where the people are, and the people are on Facebook.

‘Facebook’ recently surpassed a record 2 billion active users daily (*Source: Facebook June 2017) 17 percent increase year on year.  This is far ahead of  other competitive social media sites like Twitter & LinkedIn etc. We understand each social network, their audiences and media consumption.

So for Lapwings we did the following –

  • Created Facebook business page – Branded & customised cover image and thumbnail (Facebook business page is your ad on Facebook). Adhering to Facebook guidelines to ensure clients can  advertise via Facebook ads.
  • Bespoke graphic design service suited to your business brand, products or services that you offer, really makes your Facebook page stand out
  • Gives your fans a reason to “like” your page
  • Facebook ads offer very highly targeted ad campaigns based on demographics, behaviours and interest targeting.
  • Manage your Facebook page sourcing posts and content.
  • Create and manage your Facebook ad campaigns, creating custom audiences. Boost posts on your page. Create dark posts.  Video cover images and video campaigns to a laser targeted audience.
  • Create Facebook Canvas ads which creates an immersive experience on Facebook only viewable via mobile. Almost like a mini-website.
  • Display your page with product ranges (if you have a range of products/services)
  • Can retarget your website visitors with a Facebook pixel.

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