North Ayrshire Council Health And Social Care Partnership

Project Summary

Corrie D Marketing provided their services to help promote North Ayrshire Councils annual CareNA (Care And Support North Ayrshire) Exhibition.

The Objective:  The campaign aimed to achieve 100,000 impressions however the actual impressions delivered were 150,000.

The campaign fulfilled NAC campaign goals and objectives, it made an important contribution to an increase in the usage of the CareNA website, plus created brand awareness for both the exhibition and the website. It encouraged attendance at the event – The attendance levels and reaction to the exhibition exceeded all expectations.

A comprehensive approach was undertaken very professionally in a short time frame. The campaign was targeted appropriately at the target market which was to a broad target audience, to anyone living or working in North Ayrshire.

The level of customer service is excellent. A highly technical approach explained in plain language and presented in a straightforward manner. The liaison with CareNA website developer was undertaken efficiently and effectively.  Overall the results speak for themselves.

Now there is a greater understanding of this type of online display advertising campaign, the potential for more detailed and deeper targeting would be considered.

We would recommend to other businesses.

Overall Rating: Excellent

John Godwin, Service Development Officer Social Services And Health.

Date: 24/03/16

Why Online Display Ads?

Online display ads allow you to target and retarget your EXACT target audience when they are browsing online. On any network and on any device.

So lets say hypothetically you are looking to target anyone living in a country eg UK or England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales (we can target up to 280 countries worldwide) or this can be narrowed down to region ie Strathclyde or sub region ie Ayrshire or North  Ayrshire, South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire etc. We can target towns and cities via our RTB (Real Time Bidding) platform.

An online auction takes place and we bid in real time on your target audience seeing your ads. One set of eyeballs = One impression.

Demographics ie Age, Location, Household Income, Families with children in the household etc can be layered with eg Homeowners.

Remarketing pixels can be added to the main conversion pages on your website which can build up audiences of people interested in specific products or services, personalised ads can then be delivered with specific offers etc. Which can be tailored to their areas of interests.

We can target demographics or contextual (anyone reading about), site retargeting and programmatic ad buying at affordable prices, bringing this service to SME’s throughout Scotland.

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Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006