Move 2 Ayrshire - Customer Feedback

Project Summary

Move 2 Ayrshire, Testimonial – Customer Feedback

“Move 2 rely on the knowledge of Corrie D Marketing which we found to be on the ball with modern digital marketing methods, to help us to offer something different and unique than our competitors currently offer.

The content was targeted appropriately at the target audience, which is homeowners in North Ayrshire, looking to sell their properties aged 25-40 and upwards.

The service helped with the organisations’ overall aims and objectives for the business. In our opinion, the level of customer service is A rated, 5 star, top notch, the absolute highest standard that we would rate as excellent. We would recommend the services of Corrie D Marketing to other companies  – But not to other estate agents! 😉

Peter C Cumming. Director, Move 2 Ayrshire 13/11/18

The Brief

The Brief  

After initial meetings with the client, we decided the best initial approach (to be carried out in phases) was to create and/or address the following –

Facebook Page – Facebook IS THE world’s largest social networking site ‘Facebook’

Facebook Video Cover Image – Time To Mooove To Ayrshire & supply the MP4 file. To complete the Facebook Story and Services info.

You can see it here:

Twitter Page – To create a page completed with company information and updated cover image.

You can see it here:

Facebook & Twitter are two completely separate beasts. Facebook decide who see’s your posts, and only approx 1% of your FB fans of the page see your organic (FREE) posts so if you want more people to see your posts you must “pay to play” ie pay for ads.

Twitter however do not decide who see’s your ads, the most recent posts appear higher which is why we recommend both are good for organic SEO and creating social signals to the web.

You Can View Our Showreel Of Promotional Marketing Videos Here On Our YouTube Channel:

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“Multi-platform, multi-media opportunities translate into multi-choices. Social media and the Internet, in general, have turned life into an interconnected open-book exam - a sharp and important difference from the closed-book-exam shape of traditional research. (via Warc).”

Joel Rubinson

“Effective marketing is really quite simple: Identify your destination (goals). Determine how best to get there (strategy). Get started (tactics). Measure your progress (reporting and analysis). Make course corrections as needed (continuous improvement).”

Mac McIntosh, 2006