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Conservatory Roof Conversion

Our new Orangery style roof replaces old traditional type conservatory roofs. These roofs are highly insulated and give your conservatory a new modern look and a room that can be used all year round.

Is Your Conservatory Too Cold In Winter & Too Hot In Summer?

Conservatories are built to be enjoyed all year round, but most conservatory roofs and walls have little or no insulation value.

This allows any heat to be lost quickly in winter and causes extremely high temperatures to be built up in Summer months.

This can reduce the use of your conservatory unless expensive heating or air conditioning is used.

Craftsman Have The Answer!

Don’t worry, help is at hand.

By replacing your existing conservatory roof with a fully insulated and tiled conservatory roof, Craftsman can make your conservatory warm in winter and cool in summer and can also reduce the noise from rain and wind.

A Craftsman Cladding conservatory roof conversion is guaranteed for 20 years and comes in a choice of styles and colours.

We can incorporate Velux roof windows and internal down lighting into your new conservatory roof to create a beautiful new sun room which can be used all year round.

Our designers work closely with our architect to gain any planning approval and building warrants that may be required to give total piece of mind.

For further information on Conservatory Roof conversion, call Craftsman today on 0800 783 6211.